Information For Prospective Tenants

Thank you for choosing to rent a property with JGL. Following the checklist below will ensure your rental application is processed as quickly as possible, and that you have all the information required to get the best deal.

  1. Payment Of The Holding Deposit

    JGL requires a £100 (inc VAT) Holding Deposit to take your property off the market and start your referencing process. Should the Prospective Tenant:
    1. Withdraw from this contract before entering into the tenancy agreement,
    2. Provide false information for referencing,
    3. Fail to act reasonably to enter into the tenancy before the deadline for agreement,
    4. Fail Right to Rent checks, they will be liable for the reasonable costs incurred by the Landlord and his Agent up to the value of the Holding Deposit.

    The following costs will be deducted from the Holding Deposit. Any surplus of the Holding Fee will be returned to the Prospective Tenant, without interest, as soon as possible. A refund to any one of the joint and several Prospective Tenants will be considered adequate as a total refund to all concerned. The costs that may be deducted from the Holding Deposit can include, but are not limited to, the following:
    1. Costs of any references or credit checks sought
    2. Costs of any administration undertaken to prepare for the tenancy
    3. Costs of re-advertising the property to let
    4. Costs of any guarantor agreements
    5. Costs, in lieu of rent, of keeping the property empty for the tenant

  2. Let Alliance Referencing  Process

    We outsource the referencing of our new applicants to Let Alliance. Each person over the age of 18 who is to reside in the property will need to complete an application form to enable Let Alliance to take up the necessary references/credit checks. Confirmation of your employment, financial situation and character is required to determine whether or not you will be a satisfactory tenant.

    There are several simple stages to this process. Please be aware that Let Alliance will contact you by email and text and your assistance in providing any information required will greatly speed up your entry into your new home. Let Alliance will continue to contact you until all the information has been received and the lease will not be available for signing until this process has been completed.

    • Completion of Applicant  Email Link and Consent Form –  Let Alliance require the attached form to be filled in and signed by every person aged 18 and over who is a party to the lease.
    • Let Alliance Reference Form – This will be sent to the email address you provided on your consent form. Please fill in the information required as soon as possible. Please be aware that any information omitted will prevent your application being processed and may prevent you moving into your new home.

    N.B: A low credit score rating, a county court judgement or insolvency could affect your application. Further clarification  MUST be provided.

  3. Personal Identification

    Each tenant will need to provide Passport or Driving Licence identification.

  4. Address Verification

    We require a utility bill or bank statement as confirmation of your current address.

  5. Leases/Initial Invoice

    Once we are in receipt of satisfactory references, the lease and the initial invoice will be prepared and sent to you via Email for you to sign electronically. Alternatively you can call into the office to sign. Arrangements will then be made for check-in and payment of the amounts due.

  6. Payment

    Rent is payable in advance and a pro rata payment is due from the day of entry to the last day of that month. The initial payment of your deposit and pro-ratered rent may be made by cash, cheque or electronic transfer. Please note that we do not accept cash. Equal monthly payments are due on the 1st day of each month by Standing Order.

  7. Damage Deposit

    Damage Deposit: A deposit of 1 (one) month’s rent + £50 to be held against damage to the property is also required before entry to the property. If you are granted permission to keep a pet at the property then a deposit of 5 (five) weeks rent will be taken instead. Government legislation requires this money to be held during the tenancy in an approved scheme and for us
    to inform you within 30 days of receipt of your deposit at this office, into which scheme we have placed your deposit.

    For further information on this please visit At the start or your tenancy, you will be provided with an inventory and schedule of condition of the property which you must check. This must be signed and returned to us within 7 days of you moving into your property and will form part of the Lease as true reflection of the property leased. At the end of the tenancy the deposit will be returned to you after inspection of the property which must be handed back in the same condition as at the start of the tenancy. Any damage caused by you and any cleaning required as per the terms of the lease, will be discussed at the final hand back inspection and may be deducted from your deposit.

  8. Insurance

    You are responsible for insuring your own contents and you should insure against accidental damage of the Landlord’s contents.

  9. Complaints Procedure

    Please click here to view our complaints procedure.

  10. Client Money Protection Certificate